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Summers are fun, ice creams, cold water and sunbath make the most of the time fun during summers. However, while summers bring opportunities of fun, it also brought huge electricity bills, our equipments such as air conditioner and fans remain in operation most of the time. Which causes increase in the electricity bill, however you can reduce the electricity consumption of your air conditioner by following simple guidelines. So, in this blog you’ll read some steps and procedure to reduce the electricity consumption of your air conditioner. 

Follow these steps and guidelines in order to reduce the electricity consumption of your air conditioner. As we know air conditioner is the biggest energy-consuming equipment in our homes, using it smartly can actually make the difference in cooling the premises effectively and reducing the electricity bill.

Air Conditioner Service
Air Conditioner Service

Temperature Settings Of The Thermostat.

Thermostat temperature setting must be kept at high temperature, around 25° to 28° Celsius, it’ll keep the premises cool and reduce electricity consumption. You can keep the air conditioner turned on, it’ll keep the premises cool.

Do Not Place Air Conditioning Unit In Direct Sunlight.

Keeping the outdoor unit of the air conditioner in the direct sunlight has an adverse effect, the unit will take time to cool the room. As sunlight makes things hot, the compressor will get even hotter, this will increase the time of cooling and also increase electricity consumption. To stop this, you can install a shade to protect the outdoor unit from direct sunlight.

Make Your Home Well-Insulated.

A well-insulated home will keep the home cool for longer, and the air conditioner has to work less in keeping the premises cool. Window cracks or small gaps makes a lot of difference in leaking cool air, you can close them using sealant or make recommended setting by calling energy auditor. He’ll find out the relevant leakage points, later you can fix them and see a lot better result.

Keep Changing Or Cleaning The Air Conditioning Filters.

Filters are important and cleaning them every thirty days is very important, clogged filter blocked the airways intake by the air conditioner. Which result in less air in the unit and more time for cooling, by replacing or cleaning the filter your compressor has to work less. Which automatically reduce energy consumption and efficient cooling.

Professional Air Conditioner Service
Professional Air Conditioner Service

Keep The Ceiling Fan Turned On.

Ceiling fan reduces the work of the air conditioner, it rotates the air into every direction of the premises and makes the home cooler. Keeping it on can lower the burden of the air conditioner, you’ll feel colder and require less air conditioner.

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